Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Success

I haven't posted here in a while, primarily because my research efforts have been redirected away from muskies. However, I felt an urge to post here about a recent hard-fought success my buddy had.

In a nutshell, we had excellent fishing weather: breezy, cloudy, bit of rain, stable lake levels (though post-draw down). Fish should have been concentrated in a few areas, but apparently they didn't get the memo. Fished a solid 6-7 hours with nothing; no follows, strikes, or boils. I was ready to call it quits around 4:30 and grab dinner. Brandyn usually keeps us motivated during times of doubt and I didn't mention leaving again (call me somewhat fair-weather, or impatient during fall). We brainstormed about how to spend the remainder of our day and decided on a funnel area. Brandyn let me take the boat and I pointed the bow toward deep water where I was fishing a Bulldawg. Brandyn pitched a 10" Jake tight to shore along a lay-down. Suddenly I hear Brandyn chirp up about a "figure 8!!!!" (said emphatically and with a chuckle at the end). Thinking he was joking around I non-chalantly turned around and nearly had to push my eyeballs back into their sockets when I saw his rod doubled over and a fish headshaking like a helicopter about 2' down. The fish fought well, taking Brandyn from one corner of the boat, up and around the bow, and to the other corner where I scooped the fish into the bag. Sweet victory. Made the 4 hour drive (for me living in Chicago) somewhat bearable... ;)

OK, I guess that was the nutshell + the nut. Enjoy the photos. (I left the sky photo full-size to be used for whatever you wish. It might become my desktop picture! Gotta thank Brandyn for pointing out the lighting.)


  1. You might want to change your font...

    1. Font is good on my Mac, fine at work, and fine on my dad's iPad. Where are you viewing it? My dad has problems looking at it on his computer at school, but everywhere else it seems to be OK.

  2. I'm viewing it on my Elitebook. It is just showing up as symbols but your newest blog looks great. I don't know what the story is. Nice to see a new post though. Thanks! :)